UNFCCC invites Henry to exhibit his work from Addressing Climate Change in the Blue Zone of the historic COP21 conferance in Paris.

Dec 2015-Paris

UNFCCC invites Henry to exhibit his work from Addressing Climate Change in the Blue Zone of the historic COP21 conference in Paris. Henry includes works by other photographers including Salgado, Steve McCurry, James Balog, as ciurated by the Ucy Fondation in the

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The exhibition is within the UN Blue Zone of the UNFCCC COP15 Paris Climate Conference, at the nerve centre for the conference where all attendees including high-level decisions makers, Heads of States, Ministers, NGOs, industry leaders and other key global figures are gathering.

The exhibition includes images taken during COP18 in Doha , COP19 in Warsaw, and COP20 in Lima, which form part of the Addressing Climate Change book. This publication was a 2015 Gold Medal Winner at the Independent Publishers Book Awards and endorsed by Ban ki-Moon, Michael Douglas, Ed Norton,
Alec Baldwin and Yoko Ono.

In addition, a display of works by award-winning photographers showing the cause and effects of climate change on the planet, forms part of the exhibition.

Henry Dallal says: “I am very grateful to have the endorsement from the UNFCCC Secretariat who enabled this initiative and appreciative to the Lucie Foundation for bringing on board such a wonderful collection of great photographers”.

The Lucie Foundation, the creators of the Lucie Awards, curated the exhibition, and have called upon world renowned photographers, who have dedicated their lives to document melting icebergs, drought, air, water, waste pollution and the undeniable effects it has had on the planet.

A sample of the world-leading photographers in this world-class exhibition are:

  • James Nachtway, 5 times gold medal winner of the Robert Cappa Award
  • Steve McCurry, critically-acclaimed photographer of the “Afghan Girl” cover of NationalGeographic
  • Gerd Ludwig, known for his coverage of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster
  • Colin Finlay, six-time winner of the Picture of the Year International (POYI)
  • Joel Sartore, founder of The Photo Ark, a documentary project to save species and habitat
  • James Balog, winner of the Royal Photographic Society Hood Medal
  • Sebastiao Salgado, celebrated Brazilian photographerThe exhibition is located at the centre of the negotiations space to remind World Leaders, Heads of States, and all participants of the importance of climate change issues.###For Editors: Select high-resolution images of the photographs featured in the exhibition are available upon request.For additional information, it, or to arrange interviews, please contact
  • Mariana Quevedo Vallejo. marianaq@bljworldwide.com, +1-212-486-7070
  • Colin Hart, BLJ Worldwide, colinh@bljworldwide.com, +1 917 837 2211