Global Youth Photography Competition

Global Youth Photography Competition Addressing Climate Change goes on dispaly in the Blue Zone of COP22 Marrakesh , Morroco duiring the two weeks of COP22.
Curated by the lucie Foundation, with images included from National
Geographic’s “Your Shot” who partnered with founder of the comepetion Henry Dallal, when announced at COP 21 in Paris.


Henry Dallal honoured to be commissioned to take the official portrait of Her Majesty the Queens 90th Birthday.


Henry has had the honour of being commissioned to take the official portrait of Her Majesty the Queen for the 90th Birthday pageant held at Windsor Castle. The  portrait was taken on the eve of Her 90th birthday on a lovely sea of daffodils.

During the celebrations at Windsor Castle, one of Henry’s earlier portraits of the Queen taken for the Diamond Jubilee pageant was featured on gigantic screens during the welcoming precession for the arrival of the Royal party. More of his portraits of Her Majesty were displayed in the Royal Box for the momentous event.

Henry Dallal announces his vision at COP21 Paris… Global Youth Photography Competition on Climate Change – IN FOCUS

March 2016

Global Youth Photograrpby Competition on Climate Change – IN FOCUS….endorsed by the UNFCCC General Secretary. bringing in the Lucie Fondation to manage the anual photography competition to create a grass roots level of aewareness foon Climate Change by the youth of
the world……

Addressing Climate Change: In Focus is a global photography competition, created to raise awareness on climate change amongst the youth of the world, giving them a voice that will be heard by world leaders and negotiators alike.

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UNFCCC invites Henry to exhibit his work from Addressing Climate Change in the Blue Zone of the historic COP21 conferance in Paris.

Dec 2015-Paris

UNFCCC invites Henry to exhibit his work from Addressing Climate Change in the Blue Zone of the historic COP21 conference in Paris. Henry includes works by other photographers including Salgado, Steve McCurry, James Balog, as ciurated by the Ucy Fondation in the

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Addressing Climate Change

New Book “Pictures” a Better World Through Negotiation

Royal Photographer Henry Dallal Focuses on Climate Change Talks, With A Little Help from Michael Douglas, Ed Norton, Yoko Ono, and Ban Ki-moon

Addressing-Climate-Change8th September 2014 (New York, NY)—In a stunning, timely new book that captures the art, science, and diversity of climate change negotiations, award-winning royal photographer Henry Dallal aims to humanize an arduous, largely-behind-the-scenes process and rally the world towards a global agreement.

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