Royal Cavalry of Oman featured in Photo Book

Muscat: Sixty one-year-old Henry Dallal has published a photo book featuring the horses of the Royal Cavalry of Oman.

The British photographer, who developed an interest in photography from an early age, took eight years to compile the stunning 352-page omnibus, which features more than 20 breeds of horses, some of which are thoroughbred Arabian stallions, while others have been sourced from all over the world. 

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“The book was commissioned by the Royal Cavalry of Oman,” recalled Dallal, while speaking to the Times of Oman.

“I was very honoured and excited to have received the commission, which I enjoyed to the fullest, to experience not only the cavalry and the 1200 horses, but also the beauty of Oman and its fabulous people, culture and heritage and majestic nature.”

“My challenge is to allow the photos to speak volumes with only a minimum of text to guide a reader through,” he added. “Hence, the text is perhaps captions and some historic facts and explanations and chosen calligraphy. Oman has such a beautiful treasure and tradition and that it does not come easy,” explained Dallal.

“Many people work very hard every day for the Royal Cavalry to make it what it is and how it is viewed on the world stage.”

Although he’s been taking photographs since the tender age of nine, Dallal says every photo op he undertakes is a learning experience, and it’s no different with this one.

“As the book was translated into Arabic, the book had to be redesigned in its entirety to start from right to left,” he revealed. “Again, the lesson is an ongoing one. For me, it is to absorb the local culture and I always admire and respect those I am around.

“Taking the pictures is only a very small part of it.”

“I did not start being a professional or a photographer, it all happened as I grew up and took more photographs,” said Dallal.

“However, doing my first book in 1998 was a turning point as I was putting collections together for

a book.”

Dallal’s collaboration with the Royal Cavalry is his latest in a string of high-profile photo excursions. He has previously photographed Queen Elizabeth II of England, as well as other important personalities.

“I remember being on the ground floor of the UNFCCC Climate Change conference in Paris with 155 heads of state present and taking their photos,” he recalled. “To photograph and capture the spirit of it all was very rare.”

Despite being a veteran behind the lens, Dallal stuck to his tried and tested ways, and they seem to have served him well.

“Long ago I told myself that I do not want to be enslaved by my camera equipment, but rather have it be my tools that I use to capture the reality of the moment. Nowadays even the simplest camera is a computer.

“Software now is always changing and you have to be a master of it and that to me is no longer photography.”

“Never stop taking photos,” added Dallal.

“Never be afraid to put your neck out for a great moment, and it is a great bonus to have luck on your side. Luck does play a big role in all of this.”

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The Queen’s 90th Birthday: Celebratory book launched at Windsor Castle

“It was published with the support of The European Azerbaijan Society and the Azerbaijan Equestrian Federation, who between them had ensured that a contingent of rare Karabakh horses had played a central part in the show.”

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The highlight of the 90th birthday celebrations of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was a magnificent celebration at Home Park Private, Windsor Castle involving over 900 horses and 1500 participants from all over the world came together in May at Home Park, Private, Windsor Castle.

The spectacular week-long event was watched on television by over seven million around the world.

Now a specially-commissioned book to commemorate the event has been published. The book features photographs by the world-renowned photographer Henry Dallal. It was published with the support of The European Azerbaijan Society and the Azerbaijan Equestrian Federation, who between them had ensured that a contingent of rare Karabakh horses had played a central part in the show. The beauty of the horses and the skill and daring of the riders stunned attendees and television viewers alike. Azerbaijani dancers also entertained the crowds and the television audience throughout the week of the show as well as during the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

At the book launch the photographer and publisher of the book Mr Henry Dallal said: “I am delighted with the final product, and I hope Her Majesty the Queen is also pleased. Text and captions have been included from a variety of participants including Dame Helen Mirren, Andreas Bocelli, Kylie Minogue, Shirley Bassey and Azerbaijani dancer Guinel Sheykhova. They bring to life the excitement of the celebrations during those few days in May.”

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Best of Britain Photography Exhibition in Nanjing, China



The work of award winning British photographer Henry Dallal is being exhibited alongside selected photographs taken by Chinese celebrities and photographers who participated in the Amazing Britain Photography Competition.. Dallal who chaired the competition exhibited his collection of British equine pageantry and a few of his commissioned Royal portraits. Following the opening ceremony on December 4, in Yijia Gallery, His collection will also be exhibited at Nanjing University, and other public spaces in China..

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“To promote China and UK in a cultural exchange and to enable the Chinese public to understand and appreciate British culture better, Henry Dallal’s collection of Britain’s Household Cavalry and ceremonial splendour on horseback on parade for Her Majesty the Queen, offered a visual symphony” said Lili Gao, founder of China Link.

Earlier in the week, Henry presented a stunning multi media show to the public and conducted a master class workshop to photograph Qixia Mountain.

Supported by the Royal Photographic Society, its CEO, Dr Michael Pritchard, presented a history of photography from its beginnings to the modern age at Namjing University which was received with enthusiasm by students. He said “The United Kingdom has a long tradition of photography and to be able to share this with the public and students and to see their own photography was a unique opportunity to learn from each other”.


Amazing Britain Photography Exhibition was supported by:

China Link
Visit Britian
The Royal Photgraphic Society
Qixia Government of Nanjung,
China Merchant’s Bank,
China Link
Tencent Image
Modern Express
Nanjing University

Addressing Climate Change: In Focus is a global competition created by photographer Henry Dallal

The contest is supported by the UN and aimed at showing climate change through the lens of the world’s younger generation.

Addressing Climate Change: In Focus is a global competition created by photographer Henry Dallal and endorsed by the Secretariat of the UNFCCC. The competition aims to raise awareness of climate change issues whilst giving young people a voice that will be heard by world leaders.

Does Your Teenage Cousin Take Epic Climate Change Photos?

This is what climate change looks like

Entitled “Climate Change — In Focus,” it shows the best 100 photographs from a global competition and it’s currently on display at the United Nations’ COP22 climate conference in Marrakech, Morocco, where it will be seen by attendees who have come from all over the world.
While it was also open to adults, the competition aimed to showcase the images and views of young people.
The project was created by award-winning photographer Henry Dallal, who curated an exhibition from master photographers at COP21 in Paris.

Addressing Climate Change: In Focus International Youth Photography Competition

“Young people are critical in this global effort to address climate change. Having photographed the UN Climate Change conferences for many years, I became inspired to create a global competition involving the younger generation, our future climate custodians, at a grassroots level,” said Henry Dallal, acclaimed photographer and founder of the Addressing Climate Change Project.

Global Youth Photography Competition

Global Youth Photography Competition Addressing Climate Change goes on dispaly in the Blue Zone of COP22 Marrakesh , Morroco duiring the two weeks of COP22.
Curated by the lucie Foundation, with images included from National
Geographic’s “Your Shot” who partnered with founder of the comepetion Henry Dallal, when announced at COP 21 in Paris.