Horse Warriors India’s 61st Cavalry

This book is a dazzling portrayal by an acclaimed photographer who brings years of professionalism and commitment to his work.’
Michael Binyon - Leader Writer, The Times

Henry Dallal spent three years in Rajastan photographing one of the last remaining active horse-mounted regiments in the world to produce Horse Warriors, a scintillating impression of Indian horsemen and horsemanship.

A beautiful book that portrays a side of the Indian subcontinent few have seen before, Horse Warriors shows the pageantry of the annual Republic Day Parade, the competitive excellence of the international polo fields of Jaipur, the professional expertise of a cavalry regiment and much more.

In Horse Warriors, Henry's evocative photography expresses his uncanny understanding of horses and horsemen and his brilliant ability to photograph them; whether in the dusty traditional horse and camel fairs of the Thar Dessert, the cool Victorian interiors of the Babugarh Breeding Centre, or with the nomadic Nihang warriors mounted on India's indigenous Marwari horses.

The book won a bronze medal for most outstanding book at the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPBA) in New York in 2009.








This book is a work of art.Horse and Hound
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