Best of Britain Photography Exhibition in Nanjing, China

The work of award winning British photographer Henry Dallal is being exhibited alongside selected photographs taken by Chinese celebrities and photographers who participated in the Amazing Britain Photography Competition.. Dallal who chaired the competition exhibited his collection of British equine pageantry and a few of his commissioned Royal portraits. Following the opening ceremony on December 4, in Yijia Gallery, His collection will also be exhibited at Nanjing University, and other public spaces in China..“To promote China and UK in a cultural exchange and to enable the Chinese public to understand and appreciate British culture better, Henry Dallal’s collection of Britain’s Household Cavalry and ceremonial splendour on horseback on parade for Her Majesty the Queen, offered a visual symphony” said Lili Gao, founder of China Link.

Earlier in the week, Henry presented a stunning multi media show to the public and conducted a master class workshop to photograph Qixia Mountain.

Supported by the Royal Photographic Society, its CEO, Dr Michael Pritchard, presented a history of photography from its beginnings to the modern age at Namjing University which was received with enthusiasm by students. He said “The United Kingdom has a long tradition of photography and to be able to share this with the public and students and to see their own photography was a unique opportunity to learn from each other”.