Articles by Henry Dallal

Hindu Kush - By Horse - London Clubs Magazine

PDFIn the Footsteps of History - A stunning Photographic document of a journey through the mountains of Pakistan.

My travels in Rajasthan on a Marwari Horse - Ireland's Equestrian

PDFThere are many holidays and trips to take where you are treated in first class style. There are very few however where you are immersed in cultural splendours and treated as if you are royalty.

A Feast of Fascination - PQ International

PDFA FEAST OF FASCINATION Henry Dallal has been in India photographing the 6lst Cavalry, still a major force in polo.

Following Lawrence of Arabia on horseback - PQ International

PDF INTO THE DESERT Henry Dallal’s latest expedition has been retracing the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia in Jordan on horseback

AngloOman Society

Desert Pageantry

My quest in life is to have adventure through travel and experiencing different cultures of the world, and of course, always with a camera. To support this habit,
one destination became the lovely country of Oman. Hence the development of my new book ‘Desert Pageantry’.

Riding the Frontier - Monty Roberts Join-Up JournalPDF

The little known town of Chitral on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan......


Wildebeest Migration portfolio EQUESTRIO - September / October 2007

PDFEvery year millions of wildebeest make their way from the Serengeti across the plains of the Maasai Mara in search of fresh pasture.

Venice on the Orient Express - Ritz Magazine

PDFThe Venice simplon-orient express conjures up notions of romance. Mystery and murder. Henry Dallal discovers how even a seasoned traveller cannot fail to be impressed by the ultimate in luxury travel.

Rajasthan Through Marwari Ears - PQ International

PDFTravels on a Marwari Horse Henry Dallal experienced the colour and tradition of Rajasthan, on safari from magical Dundlod.

Wild Traditions - Published in Naples Illustrated - July 2006

PDF Keen to experience and photograph different horse cultures of the world, photographer Henry Dallal stumbled onto the Omak Indians by chance while travelling from England to Seattle to present a collection of images on British equine pageantry to one of his sponsors.